A strong manufacturing industry to exit the crisis and ensure sustainable growth


The “HELLENIC PRODUCTION – Industry Roundtable for Growth” is a joint initiative by smaller and larger manufacturing companies and the country’s main regional manufacturing associations.

Our aim is to:

– Highlight and strengthen the role of the industrial and manufacturing sector in the Greek economy as a prerequisite for growth and a sustainable exit from the crisis.
– Promote the adoption and implementation in Greece of the European Strategy for
a “European Industrial Renaissance” (raising the contribution of manufacturing from 15% to 20% of the European GDP by 2020).


Contrary to the prevailing misconception, a globally competitive industrial sector CAN thrive in Greece.

Greece has highly skilled and talented human capital, a privileged geographical location and valuable natural resource. It is time to move forward and build an open and competitive economy based on creation, innovation and production of high value added tradable goods.


From 12 founding members, HELLENIC PRODUCTION today has reached the number of 66 members.


Among our members are the main Regional Manufacturing Associations of Greece (Attica & Piraeus, Northern Greece, Thessaly & Central Greece and Peloponnese & Western Greece).


Member companies come from a wide range of industrial sectors such as mining, pharma, cement, metal processing, paper and packaging, chemical, food & beverages, defense, textile manufacturing etc. These are local and multinational companies of all sizes with a production base in Greece (and units abroad for some of them), contributing to a variety of value-chains, investing and providing quality jobs locally and exporting to more than two hundred destinations worldwide.


A full list of our members is available in the Greek section of our website




The transition from a growth model that relies on debt-fueled consumption and imports, to a new paradigm based on creation, innovation, production and exports.

This requires the emergence of a modern and competitive industrial sector of small and large-scale companies, as a driving force for sustainable and inclusive growth and higher levels of national income and social welfare.


To raise the awareness among all stakeholders (government, social partners, opinion makers, public opinion) on the importance of manufacturing industry as a key driver for growth and competitiveness, job creation, and a sustainable recovery of the Greek economy.

– To foster a business environment and policies that support the transition to a new growth model based on a stronger and more competitive industrial sector

– To combat and reverse obsolete perceptions, such as “Greece is unsuitable for industrial production” or “Greece produces only low value-added goods”.

– To promote and further develop the interactions between the manufacturing industry and the other sectors of the economy towards enhancing competitive production across all value-chains.